Why Us?

Let’s be honest, in 2017 no matter what industry you are in competition is fierce, ours is no different, we like to think we are though.

We don’t believe in jargon for the sake of jargon, we don’t believe in complicated systems for the sake of it, we don’t believe purchasing a digital product should be difficult, what we do believe in is a straightforward honest and fair approach here are a few more reasons why we think we are different

Understanding you and your business

Firstly we like to understand what you want to achieve from your digital product. We will tell you honestly what we feel you require in order for you to achieve these goals and what is the best way of getting you there. You may not like the candid answers we give but what we don’t do is just say “yes” and leave you thinking you are about to be number 1 in all search engines and trending in app stores!
(We feel this area of the market has already been cornered by the thousands of companies worldwide and domestically who are great at saying they guarantee first place in Google and 1000’s of app downloads!)


No matter what the budget is for your project we are confident that we can deliver a website or a mobile app at a price that you feel is value for money and helps to deliver a return on your investment. We pride ourselves on fair prices for high quality website design and website build. Our mobile app prices aren’t too bad either!

Time Frame

Our turn around times can vary depending on the nature of your project however, we aim to complete all projects within a 4-6 week window. If you are in a rush, speak to us, whilst pulling up trees isn’t our day job we have been known to in the past and if you require your website or app to be designed, built and published in record time let’s talk and see what we can achieve.


We take pride in our work. If you know what your website or mobile app needs to look like then our diligent in house tech team will spend time understanding your vision and then make that vision a reality with a website or mobile app that represents your business the way you want it to. Unsure of what the final output should look like? Giving us artist free license, AFL, means our design team will create you a website in line with our perception of your business. We do this by holding a consultation with you to understand you and your business and then checking in with you step by step to make sure we have got it right.


As with all businesses this is an area we have struggled with in the past (see we said we believed in honesty), we have now made ease of communication our main focus point:

  • Call us with a good old fashioned phone call – 01782 906 093
  • We call you – Book an appointment on our website or in our app with your account manager, sales, tech, customer care and we call you at the time convenient to you. All our account managers have links in the footers of their emails linking you to their appointment diaries so you can book an appointment with your account manager at any time.

    Can’t talk at the moment but have a question?

    Live chat on our site means you can ask us anything instantly, out of hours, don’t worry we will try and respond, if not its our first job the next morning.

    Email – customerservices@bwar.co.uk | sales@bwar.co.uk

    Fancy some face to face time? – Skype us customerservices@bwar.co.uk

    Need to send us information or images ?

    Drop box – Coming Soon

    Use our upload info form on our website or in our app to send us documents, text, images.

    We think we have communication covered now, don’t you?

    Ease of Use and Training

    All our websites and mobile apps now come with the options of content management systems, CMS. This means you can log into your website or your mobile app and add and remove information, easily update information and offers. We don’t just give you access and leave you to it, we provide you with comprehensive training documents meaning you can teach yourself as you go and we also provide 30 minutes of product training over the phone with you once your product has gone live so we can show you the basics you will need to get the most out of your digital product. Our app CMS comes with a built in digital help desk so you can find all feature and functions guides. We have you covered!

    Servers & Security

    Speed isn’t always a good thing except where your website is concerned, here the faster the better, that’s why we deploy your site onto state of the art and lightning fast servers. We keep up to date firewall and security practices ensuring your website is safe, but if all else fails we feel our back up security measure is a great fail safe…

    We are joking of course….
    If you want some geeky stats on our servers, security and service levels, check out our server page, here.