Search Engine Optimisation

You have your website, yet, your business is not getting discovered in the major search engines such as Google. You’re in need of some SEO. Consider SEO as the fuel that will power your website. There is no quick fix that leads to your website appearing number 1 in Google, we believe any one promising this is either exaggerating or stretching the truth at best, or employing tactics that Google deem unethical meaning at some point you will feel the repercussions and wrath of Google. Like everything in life hard work, sound principles and practices combined with dedication tend to garner results, and that’s just how we approach your SEO campaign.

We will not promise positions, such as position 1 or 2 in Google, but what we do PROMISE and Guarantee is an improvement over where you stand now in the search results. (Providing you’re not sat first or second in Google already, as that would just be foolish of us wouldn’t it?)

We carry out an in-depth review of not only your website but your competitor’s websites and the traffic various search terms are getting. Once identified we will discuss with you IF we know we can help and gain improvements, if we cant we will tell you so! We will then work tirelessly to improve your visibility online.